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Keep Your Chimney Clean and Safe with Professional Cleaning Service

Whenever you light up the stove, fireplace, or insert, byproducts of combustion are carried up and out of your chimney system. Unfortunately, some of these byproducts like soot, ash, and creosote can settle along the chimney and build up on the walls of the liner.


A dirty chimney may not seem that urgent, but it can lead to a host of problems like these:


Inefficiency – If the walls of the flue liner are caked with residue, airflow or draft is reduced, and the attached appliance will suffer in terms of efficiency. As a result, you may end up burning through more fuel and getting less heat.


Chimney Fire – Creosote, which is a tacky or hard residue that can build up along the chimney’s walls over time, is highly flammable. For this reason, it can easily ignite and spark a chimney fire, which can rapidly spread to other areas of your home.


Liner & Damper Damage – As these corrosive byproducts settle on your flue liner, your damper, and the other components of your chimney system, they can eat away at the metal and lead to holes, rust, and other damage.


More Buildup – With restricted airflow (due to buildup) comes even more buildup. Why? Buildup along the walls of the chimney flue can slow the exit of byproducts and force them to settle, layer upon layer.


The good news is a professional chimney cleaning can eradicate these threats and keep your chimney in tip-top shape.


We Deliver Mess-Free Chimney Cleaning... GUARANTEED!


Here at On Top Service, we use specialized tools to safely and effectively remove all buildup from the inside of the chimney and firebox. Our team will keep your home clean and protected throughout the sweeping process by laying down drop cloths and tarps and utilizing incredibly powerful vacuum systems. We guarantee a no-mess cleaning each and every time.


Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning BEFORE the Heating Season!


Have you scheduled your mess-free chimney sweeping this year? During the fall and winter months, our calendar can get pretty backed up – make sure your chimney is clean and ready for use by planning ahead. Schedule your annual chimney sweeping with the professionals at On Top Service now!

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