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Protect Your Chimney With A Quality Chimney Cap Installation!

What Is A Chimney Cap & Why Is It So Important?


Chimney caps are metal components that are fitted to the top of the chimney chase. These important components work to keep moisture, animals, insects, birds, and unconditioned air from entering the chimney system and home. Unfortunately, many standard or stock chimney caps are made of cheap galvanized metal or aluminum that will rust and corrode in the first several years of use. And when this happens, the chimney cap fails to do its job effectively.


Signs Of Chimney Cap Damage.


One of the first signs of chimney cap damage is rust streaks. If you’ve noticed rust streaks down the sides of your chimney chase, there’s a good chance your chimney cap has deteriorated and needs replacement. Of course, the best way to know if damage has been done to your chimney cap or if it’s reached the end of its service life is to schedule a professional inspection. During an inspection, we’ll take a good look at your chimney cap, checking for any damage, flaws, or weaknesses. We’ll also check to make sure it has been properly installed and that it’s effectively working to keep rain, animals, and other intruders out.


Custom Chimney Caps Offer Years Of Protection


Here at On Top Service, we install some of the most durable and attractive chimney caps in the industry. Our chimney caps can take on the strongest winds, the heaviest rains, and the most brutal winters, year after year. And unlike their aluminum or galvanized metal counterparts, your custom chimney cap won’t have to be replaced every couple of years.


If you think your chimney cap may have reached the end of its service life or you’d like to have your stock chimney cap replaced with a high-quality custom chimney cap, give On Top Service a call!

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