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Trust Your Inspection To The Experts

The professionals at On Top Service have been performing thorough chimney inspections for several years and can make sure your system is flaw-free, damage-free, and ready to provide you with another season of enjoyment. Our technicians pay close attention to detail and will provide you with an email report of our findings – whether your system needs repairs or is good to go!

The 3 Levels of Chimney Inspections we perform:

repaired chimney on asphalt roof in Fort Worth Texas.jpg

Level 1 inspections typically suffice for chimneys that have been inspected annually and have not seen any changes. These relatively simple inspections do not involve the use of any specialized tools but should give your chimney technician an idea of your chimney’s overall condition.

LEVEL 1 Chimney Inspection

Man Repairing Chimney in Dallas Texas.png

LEVEL 2 Chimney Inspection

  • Level 2 inspections are recommended when a home is being bought or sold; when a change in appliance, fuel type, or liner is being made; when damage is suspected; and when weather or a chimney fire has compromised the safety of the system. During a level 2, we’ll look at the interior of the chimney system, the stack where it extends from the roof, and all other easily accessible parts of the chimney.

Roof Peak with Chimney copy Dallas Texas.png

LEVEL 3 Chimney Inspection

  • Level 3 inspections are the most severe and invasive, and are typically only performed as a last resort. These inspections may require demo work if no other level of inspection allows us to get to the root of the problem or locate the damage. But don’t worry – we never do anything without first getting your approval!

Don't Wait! Schedule Your Annual Inspection Today!

Don’t wait to have your chimney professionally inspected – call On Top Service today! We’ll carefully evaluate your system, provide you with an email report of our findings and recommendations, and help you get your system winter-ready.

Call On Top Service to schedule your appointment.

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