Fireplace Doors

Design Specialties doors bring a new look and style to your fireplace.

Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

Adding a fireplace door not only adds beauty to your fireplace, it also helps your fireplace burn more efficiently, reduce heating & cooling costs and provides protection for your family and home.

Rectangle Fireplace Doors

If it’s a specific size you’re after, let us help you find the fit! We offer the widest selection online with over 200 doors to choose from, as well as up to 40 unique finishes per door – and that’s not even counting a collection of handles, glass styles, gaskets, and locks to construct your hearth exactly how you want it! If we don’t have your size by default, we’ll even guide you through an easy-to-use fireplace configurator to make a door to your exact specifications.

Arch Fireplace Doors

Classic and timeless, arched fireplaces inspire a sense of elegance and strength. At Woodland Direct, we want to ensure that you get the right doors to match that sophistication, and we’ll even send you a template to prove it – all you’ve got to do is mark out your fireplace’s opening, and we’ll be absolutely certain your doors are a proper fit for your home. Each of our arched doors are crafted with our signature standard and accented with a timeless overtone.

Masonry Forged Iron

Featuring real hand-crafted forged iron, as well as forged-style “Old World” laser cut designs, our iron glass doors are leading the industry in ruggedness and time-tested durability. The intricate detail and elegant style of our brands stand as unrivaled testaments to the quality and refinement that comes from a personal, authentic touch.

Masonry Scenic

Fire gives life to a room – and now our masonry scenic glass doors give you the chance to put life back into the fire. Offering choices from a selection of different images, we give you the opportunity to showcase sculpted metal and twisting flame in one innovative platform. With a collection of scenes ranging from nature to culture, these doors aren’t just a function of safety – they’re a work of art!

Direct Vent Fireplace Doors & Facings

It can be a difficult task to update and redesign a house, but it might not be as much work as you think. Our direct vent fireplace doors and facings are easy to install, and they instantly inspire a sense of sleekness and refinement. Even more importantly, these doors and facings provide safety and comfort where an ordinary direct vent might be left open.

Screen Doors & Curtains

Classic charm and simplicity are two defining characteristics of our screen doors and mesh curtains. Whether you’re looking for a traditional flourish or simple safety, we understand that a little rural warmth goes a long way. These easy alternatives to the typical glass doors provide safety, durability, and an old-school feel with a fresh way of thinking.

Outdoor Fireplace Doors

From dawn to dusk and rain to snow, few things bring warmth and beauty to your backyard the way an outdoor fireplace does. Our selection of outdoor fireplace doors can help you keep the fire alive – and with our non-corrosive materials, you won’t have to worry about your fireplace doors changing with the seasons.

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